In these modern times, single people are too preoccupied with work, many are workaholic, that they forget to find a life partner. As they get older, they realize that they want a companion who is supportive/helpful/caring and is able to build a beautiful family and be harmonious with their children/grandchildren. IDS is the right place for them.

There is an increasing large growth of single people from year to year in Indonesian population. Many foreign residents and people back from overseas are constantly looking for friends to spend time with, but they have no idea where to go. IDS is the perfect place to meet new friends.

The majority of IDS members are either overseas graduates or local graduates; they are either business owners or have high earning jobs.

At IDS, we are aware of all of the above and understand the needs of singles and our mission is to help our members find a life partner whose criteria fit what they are looking for. We want to help our members – the single executives and career-oriented single people – find a partner with a clear background. At IDS, we do personality tests (character, family background, religion, education, employment history, interests, etc) to ensure we have clear detailed information of our members.

Because we know…the right partner should make your life more beautiful. The right partner should keep you focused on your goals and dreams, support your passions and make you a better person.

We wish you success in finding a life partner that meets your desired criteria.